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VelaTrack Inc.
626 NW Arizona #5
Bend OR 97701





541-389-5701 voice

A company borne out of absolute necessity

The VelaTrack system was created by experienced importer/exporters seeking an efficient means to manage fleets of containers, clients, and carriers— and to navigate the oceans of tracking data.

Before VelaTrack, we spent hours each morning gathering and organizing shipping data from a plethora of steamship and railroad websites. Although some steamship carriers offer rail data for their BOLs, none could provide consolidated information for all our shipments from all the various carriers we employ.

VelaTrack was created to meet this challenge: to track all our commercial shipments from one place.

But we didn’t stop there. We wanted to attach notes, client names, and other references to each shipment. We needed alarms and notifications to deal with stalled shipments quickly. In short— we needed more control, flexibility, and personalization.

All this is to say that VelaTrack was created by folks who rely daily on the system themselves.
The net result is a commercial shipment tracking system that’s designed around your needs.